Frequently Asked Questions

At the Maternity Care Hotel we have a baby bed, bath and changing mat.
Care products like diapers, maternity bandages, toiletries and clothes you have to bring yourself.
If you want to use a breastpump or give your baby formula, please bring this too together with a bottle.

Yes, this is always allowed. Your reserved room accommodates two people. Your partner does not have to pay for this.

Visitors are allowed! However, like customary maternity care at home, visiting times will be coordinated with the maternity nurse. If (medial) checks are being performed, visitors are always welcome to wait in the lobby of the Manor.

Unfortunately, parking at The Manor is not free of charge.
There are limited parking spaces that can be reserved. These cost € 29.50 per night. Public parking is possible in the street (€ 6 per hour) or in the Oostpoort car park, which is located at 350m walking distance from the hotel.

Your reservation includes breakfast for you and your partner. Other meals are at your and your partner’s own expense. Of course, meals can also be taken from home
Bekijk hier de menukaart.
Uiteraard mogen er ook maaltijden van huis meegenomen worden.

The number of days you can stay depends on your preferences and the availability of rooms at the Manor. During your intake with the Maternity bureau you can share these preferences with us.
On average, people choose to stay around 3-4 days with us.

Yes, that is certainly possible, and in most cases, we even advise you to do so. Depending on the number of days you stayed at the Maternity Care Hotel, you are entitled to maternity care up to 8 days after your delivery.

There is a telephone transfer between the maternity nurse from the Maternity Care Hotel and the maternity nurse at home. Additionally, a secure (digital) system is used. Making the maternity nurse who comes to your home aware of the care you have received at the Maternity Care Hotel.
Also, a nursing record of you and your baby is kept at the Maternity Care Hotel. This file is to be taken home, so the maternity nurse at home will be aware of the care you have received so far.

The maternity nurse will gladly help you with breastfeeding. She is trained and experienced in counselling breastfeeding.
Especially at the Maternity Care Hotel, it is possible for a nurse to be present with every feeding and provide all the information you need. If necessary, a lactation consultant can come along to assist with breastfeeding as well.


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